My name is Heather.  I'm a stay at home mom to 4 wonderful kids: Pinky who is 8, Chaos who is 6, and Wild One who is 4.  Our "baby" girl, Sprout, will turn 3 this spring.  I'm a wife to a wonderful guy who supports my crafting habit.

Crafting is how I keep my sanity.  When I don't have time to make my own crafts, I love to look at what others do.  My current obsession is felt projects because it is relatively inexpensive and there are just so many things you can do!

Recently I started posting a lot more about the activities I do with my kids each week.  Though we don't homeschool I really enjoy teaching them. I finally found a group that I feel we can identify with - afterschoolers.  While I don't for a minute question our decision to place the kids in public school, it doesn't stop my desire to teach them, challenge them and just have fun introducing them to new things.

I don't plan to make our learning time something rigid or even too structured.  I have goals and ideas, but what I don't have are intentions of "double schooling" my kids.  What we do together at home will be for fun and enrichment.

My weekly "what we did posts" are a wonderful way for me to hold myself accountable for being "present" with them each and every day.   They grow up way too fast!

Wondering why my blog is called Camp Slop?  Here's the story behind the name:
My husband and I LOVE to camp. Before we had kids we went camping almost every weekend in the summer. We had a great time hiking, swimming and cooking over a campfire. We had a signature breakfast that we made every morning. It was basically a mixture of whatever we had on hand - eggs, peppers, onions, leftover meat from dinner....anything. We would roll it into a tortilla, top with salsa and we had a delicious, hardy breakfast. We nicknamed it "camp slop" and joked that "it's slop, but it's goooood!" Eventually camp slop developed into a real recipe (eggs, hash browns, bacon, cheese, onions, peppers and more cheese) and we made it at home too, not just when camping.

So, when I started my blog, I knew it would be about a little bit of everything - cooking, crafts, kids, internet nonsense - you get the idea. The name just sort of fit. And I like that it brings up happy memories of mornings around the campfire.
That's it.  Nothing riveting.  Just a good feeling, happy memories and good food.  :-D
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