Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a shopaholic...

Well, at least I am when I still have Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. Somehow, I always seem to spend it on the kids too. Go figure.

Anyway, before Chaos was born I ordered a Maya Wrap Sling. I was certain that it was going to be the answer to everything once he was born. You know, it may have been. The only problem was that there is a definite learning curve when using a ring sling. The sling itself is great and really versatile. It even comes with a video to help you learn to use it. The only problem? "Step One: start with a calm, happy baby." Hmm. Well, Chaos is 10 months old now so maybe I can finally get to that step.

Since I never really used the ring sling, I've wanted a pouch sling (MUCH easier to use) instead. My husband, of course, didn't want to waste anymore money on slings since I never used the first one. Well, then I found a great price on a very pretty pouch sling. Check it out.

Isn't it so pretty? I'm sure I'll use this one for carrying Chaos around. He loves to be hip carried all day long if I let him.

While I was at the Dittany Baby website, I also found great prices on Baby Legs (skid pants as they call them at Dittany Baby). If you don't know what these are, they're basically leg warmers that kids wear when they start to crawl. They help cushion their legs and look really, really cute in place of tights under dresses. I ordered 2 pairs for Pinky and (much to Hubby's dismay) one pair for Chaos. In my defense, I did get him the cool blue flames pair. They're not girly looking!

Now I'm just sitting back and waiting for my order to arrive. I can't wait to try out my new sling. Maybe I'll even dress Chaos in his baby legs for the occasion.

Of course while I was shopping there I saw a great sling for our next baby. Next time I'll get the Mei Tai sling, because you can never have too many slings, right?

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