Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More sewing practice

In an effort to brush up my sewing skills, I whipped up this cute cloth diaper last night for Pinky's baby doll. I even drug out my sewing machine for this project! The outside fabric is a cute print I had lying around, and the inside is white felt. I thought it gave a more realistic diaper feel.

This was a really easy project, but I learned 2 things:
  1. I really need to practice my whipstitching. It looks really sloppy. I switched over partway through to a blanket stitch which looks better, but not perfect.
  2. Velcro is a pain to sew. The "soft" parts were easy and I did those on my machine, but the "hard" plastic side was really tricky. After nearly breaking the needle on my machine, I switched over to hand sewing. It was really hard to punch through. Any advice on how to make it easier (by machine or hand)?
Anyway, here is the finished project.

Pinky's doll sporting her new "green" look:

The tutorial and pattern for this project can be found here.

1 comment:

red_jellybean1 said...

Hi there :)

First, I really love your blog and have bookmarked many of your ideas! lol Now it's finding the time to actually make the stuff, right?

Second, about the velcro. I have no problem sewing velcro. I buy mine from walmart, in the craft section. Maybe you are using a better quality velcro? lol I don't know. Was your needle sharp enough? Basically I just pin it down and sew.

Good luck with figuring that out!

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