Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Letter of the Week - B

This week we focused on the letter B. I know I said I wasn't going to go in order, but this is the letter Pinky chose.

First, we made our letter B - dressed as a bumble bee - sort of.

Then we headed over to starfall.com and played the letter B games. I also printed out some activities for her to try with the letter B from tls books (linked on left).

Next, we did a craft - button bracelets. I actually found this craft last week (here) and decided not to do it until we came to the letter B. It's a fun activity that appeals to Pinky's princess side and her crafty side. (Just an FYI, I ended up stitching these closed and stitching on the buttons. Pinky wanted to wear them and play with them, and I didn't think glue alone would hold up to her play.)

We also read her the alphabet book I made her for Christmas to find the letter "B" and then looked at my bird book (a guide to local birds that she just loves).

Finally, we made "bark." You may have seen recipes for peppermint bark at Christmas time, but Ally at NTFFC (linked on the side) got creative and swapped the candy canes for cinnamon hearts. It was so cute we had to try it.

My husband accidentally bought vanilla baking chips instead of white chocolate, and (due to crying babies) I sort of overcooked them. Hubby and Pinky both assure me that it tastes good, but I haven't tried it yet. It looks cute though!

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