Monday, March 16, 2009

A Project For Pinky

Pinky is currently in a ballet class that she LOVES. Next week is the last class of the session and the parent observation class. As a special treat (and a surprise), I made her a tutu to wear for class that day. It was so, so easy! And it's very cute! I know she is going to love it.

I got the instructions from a great detailed tutorial at Vermillion Rules.

The instructions were to cut all the rolls of tulle into 20 inch strips. That was way too tedious of a job for me. Instead of cutting each one individually, I first cut a strip of cardboard 20 inches long.

My measuring strip. (Glad we had some cardboard in the recycling bin.)

I secured the start of the tulle with tape at the top of the cardboard, and then wrapped the entire roll around the cardboard.

When finished, I cut each end. Voila! With only 2 cuts, I cut the entire 100 yard roll into strips. This does take some sharp scissors to cut through the thickness. You could do half at a time if you are having trouble getting through all the layers.

Cutting 225 yards (2 large rolls and 1 small roll) of tulle took me less than 10 minutes (not counting the time to dig the cardboard out of recycling). I followed the tutorial and in less than an hour and a half, I had this beautiful tutu.

The tulle colors are magenta, light purple and dark purple (accent color). The light purple though was so light that it looks pink when paired up with the magenta. It still needs some fluffing, but I really, really like it!! I know Pinky will flip for it. :)

Finally updated with pics of Pinky in her tutu. She was playing dress up and for some reason, refuses to look at the camera. LOL!


Embellished Bayou said...

Tu-tu cute!

bethany said...

The wrap around the cardboard idea=ingenius!! What a great idea! Hope your daughter loves the tutu!

Hip Hick Chick said...

Oh, I am SO doing that cardboard trick! I really need to make the girls new tutus and your trick makes it a lot easier to get motivated! Thanks!

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