Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick check in

Just thought I'd check in while both kids are napping today.

I finished quilting Chaos' quilt last night. What a great feeling!!! Tonight I am going to cut the binding strips and start work on binding. Unless I run into some huge issues (like catching the stomach virus that is being passed around our family), this quilt will certainly be done for his birthday.

I have to say I've really enjoyed working on this quilt. So much so that I'm actually planning out some new quilting projects. Want a sneak peek?

I bought this fabric from ebay a few weeks ago. It's Moda's Funky Monkey.

Both of my kids have a sock animal that they take a picture with each month during their first year. I just couldn't resist this fabric. I'm thinking it might make a cute quilt for baby #3 (when and if we have one).

Long before I started quilting I fell in love with 1930s reproduction fabric. When I found this fabric on ebay yesterday, I knew I had to buy it (150 precut squares). I think I will use it to make a quilt for myself.

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