Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Shadow Boxes

When Pinky was born, I wanted to make something special for her nursery. I found some cute white shadowbox frames on clearance at Michaels, and set right to work on 3 of them.

They looked adorable hanging above her dresser. When she made the move from the nursery to her big girl room, I took out the contents and put them in her baby scrapbook (right along with the pages I scrapped about her nursery).

I knew that I wanted to make a new set of shadowboxes for Chaos as well, and I think his may have turned out even better.

Here are the pictures of both kids' shadowboxes. I made Chaos' shadowboxes for free since I already had the supplies on hand. Pinky's were made for the cost of the shadowboxes (I think they were less than 5 dollars each).

Pinky's shadowboxes. The first has her footprints, bassinet card, and newspaper announcement. The second has our hospital bracelet and her photo birth announcement. The last has the knit hat she wore in the hospital, the measuring tape used to measure her, and her first professional picture.

Chaos' shadowboxes. The first has the newspaper announcement, his stat card from the hospital and his footprints. The second has his photo birth announcement and his hospital bracelet (I didn't notice until just now that the bracelet had fallen in the frame, it belongs at the top and has since been fixed). The third shadowbox has his hospital hat and his first professional picture.

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