Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Page Challenge

On one of the message boards I belong to I am part of a Summer Page Challenge. Basically a contest to see who can scrap the most pages this summer. While I don't expect to win, it certainly is a great motivator!

Here are the first pages I have made for the challenge (LOTS of pics to follow). My count stands at 11 pages (sides), completed between June 5th and 8th.

The final page of Pinky's 2008 album. It's a series of interviews of her favorite things. (11x14 album)

A two page spread for Chaos' baby album. This is the ultrasound page (obviously). (12x12 album)

A two page layout of a trip we took to see family in January for Chaos' baby album. I actually goofed and had already scrapped this trip, but figured since the pages were done I would put it in the book anyway.

Another 2 page layout of our trip to Chicago to see family for Chaos' album. This was a hard one for me (and I'm not 100% happy with it) because the pictures I had were not the best, but I still wanted to include it in his album. It was also the last page I did that night, and I was tired.

The first 2 page layout of Chaos' first birthday for his album. I took this before I added a Happy Birthday banner on the first page, and I'm too lazy to take another picture. It looks much better with the banner though, trust me.

The second two page layout of Chaos' birthday for his album (recognize that quilt?). I love the picture progression of him eating cake. Too cute!

All the pages and supplies are from Creative Memories except the month titles. Those are cut outs of some great themed paper I found at a scrapbooking store while on vacation a few years ago.

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