Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Page Challenge, 2

More completed pages for the Scrapbook Challenge. I intentionally took pics of the calendar pages before I added info to them. I also blurred out the faces of the other children in Pinky's ballet class for privacy reasons. I apologize for not taking the 2 page layout pictures side by side. That certainly would have saved me some space!

Three pages for Chaos' album - a cover page (which looked much, much cooler without his real name cut out) and a 2 page spread of his nursery.

First 2 page spread of the family 2009 album. This is my first family album, and my first time using the calendar pages to keep track of what we're doing month to month. I thought it may be fun to look back on.

2 page layout of Pinky's first day of ballet for the family album

February calendar and 3 pages of a trip to see family for the family album

After adding these 11 pages, my summer count total is 22. I have an all day crop coming up before the summer ends, so I'm really hoping I can get close to 50 pages!

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