Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gak, Slime, or Silly Putty?

Since seeing a post on another blog, I've been wanting to try making slime with Pinky. I found a few different recipes online - some called for borax, others for liquid starch. Some recipes required water, others didn't.

I decided to go with the simplest recipe and mixed equal parts white glue and liquid starch (we used half a cup). We added a few drops of food coloring as well.


Pinky posing with her newly made slime. I was surprised at how very non-messy this craft was. We put all the ingredients in a plastic bag and mushed them around. When we pulled it out, there was some liquid left behind, and it was a bit sticky. The more we played with it though, the more solid it became (even cleaned the mess off of our hands!)

While I was quite content to just play with the slime (or gak as other recipes called it), Pinky was less than impressed until I showed her how to make different textures in it using everyday kitchen tools. It reminded me of silly putty in that way. Here are some of the different tools we used.

Pinky is carefully selecting her "makers."

She liked this one the best because it made the slime bubble up through the little holes.

And when we were all done, we packaged it up in a snack sized baggie. It was the perfect amount of slime for one kid (and one mommy). It's been over 24 hours now, and it still has the same consistency. I'm curious how long it will last.

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