Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Room Redo Cont'd - Chaos' Nursery

The (current) final installment of my room redo series.

Chaos' Nursery:

Long before we ever became pregnant, we knew that if we ever had a little boy we would have an airplane themed nursery. Thankfully while we were expecting Chaos we found a great bedding on clearance at Pottery Barn and from there the room was born. We kept the layout the same as with Pinky's nursery, but the feel to the room is much different.

Airplane bedding in the crib and a small chair from our local consignment shop.

Scanning left from the crib. We think every bedroom should have lots and lots of books!

The glider and side table. We spent many, many sleepless nights here with Chaos. The shelves about the glider are the same from Pinky's old nursery.

The wall opposite the bookshelf holds the dresser which doubles as a changing table and the shadow boxes I featured in another post.

Since we are currently in the midst of redoing all the rooms, this is the final installment of my room redo series for now. I hope to be back soon (at least before the baby is born) with pictures of our new family room/playroom, Chaos' big boy room, and Wild One's nursery. Thanks for looking!

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