Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Costumes 2009

Halloween is getting close, and it's time to start talking costumes! After learning that her unicorn costume from last year didn't fit, Pinky quickly found a new idea - Pinkalicious! Since Chaos is still too young to voice an opinion, he will be sporting a pirate costume that I found for a steal at a garage sale this summer.

Here are the basics to the costumes I created (no pics of the kids wearing the costumes until Halloween though!)

For those not familiar with the book Pinkalicious, here is an idea of what we were going for:

We started with this skirt, found on ebay:

Found a pink short sleeve shirt and an iron on cupcake detail.

Put it together with (thick) pink tights and pink long sleeve shirt (we do live in a cold weather state).

Added these butterfly wings from the Dollar Store:

We will add a wand and crown we already own, and as a final touch, I will attempt to make a cupcake resembling this one I found on etsy.

There is one other fun part of this costume, but I'm waiting until Halloween to show it to you!

I'm still unsure about what shoes to wear with the outfit - pink glitter shoes were too uncomfortable for her, ballet shoes are not waterproof enough. Her light up sneakers will be great for safety, but I'm not sure how they'll look. We'll see what the weather is like on Halloween. We might be wearing snow boots (at least they're pink!).

For Chaos, we started with this pirate jacket. It had been part of an Old Navy costume, but I found just the jacket at a garage sale for $2.50.

I added a pair of black sweatpants (I will fringe the bottoms) and a pirate hat from the Dollar store.

The cost for this year's costumes:
Pinkalicious: about $32 - more than we usually spend, but way less than the one we found online for $60 + shipping
Pirate: $8.50

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