Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent, Day One

Our first day making ornaments was a success! I may have been alluding myself thinking that making only one ornament a day would fly with Pinky! I presented her with several options today and she (as I expected) picked all of them.

First, we made pipe cleaner candy canes. This was simple, but Pinky did have trouble twisting them together. We did the traditional red and white and added some pink and purple for good measure.

After making the candy canes, Pinky decided they would look better as hearts. So we twisted a few to make heart shaped ornaments. Pinky called them "love ornaments."

Then, the pink and purple candy canes made her think of butterfly antennas. She decided we needed butterfly ornaments. I swear, she came up with this all on her own!

Finally, we made a Christmas tree out of craft sticks and some simple decorations.

Here's what the whole lot looked like when we were done. Six very different ornaments.

We might run out of tree before we run out of ornament ideas! I will try to take a picture of her tree about once a week so you can see how full of ornaments it gets!

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