Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pinky's Caterpillar Party

Yesterday was Pinky's very first "friends only" birthday party. With a birthday on Christmas Day, parties are always going to be tricky. Up until this point we've avoided the issue altogether, but this year Pinky asked to have a party, and we couldn't say no.

We chose a local yoga studio for the party location. It was so much fun! Pinky wanted a caterpillar/butterfly theme so, after searching the internet for a bit, we decided to make a version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar for her cupcakes.

His head fell apart a bit during transport, but I still think it turned out cute! All the cupcakes were egg, milk, and soy free because a few of her friends had food allergies (we've been through that with both of the older kids as well). They tasted great and none of the non-allergy kids even knew there was anything different about them.

The party itself was a big hit. We started with some yoga, did a butterfly craft (even Chaos joined in the fun), played games, ate cupcakes and opened presents.

She even got her very own unicorn from one of her friends. I'm pretty sure this little guy will be going everywhere with us from now on!

Pinky is still talking about the fun she had. I think her first friends' party was a success!


Polly said...

Thanks for letting people know about the Felt-Food Cook-Along! I LOVE that catapillar cupcake cake. Such a great idea! I've also been wanting to go to a three column blog, so that link is going to be so helpful. I'm becoming a follower, so I'll remember to come back and take a look around some more!

Katherine said...

I have a friend who celebrates her half birthday since her birthday is in mid December. You might end up with two birthdays every year that way though. :-)

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