Friday, February 12, 2010

Coloring Book Stories

I wanted to share a cute idea that Pinky came up with last week. My mom found these cute little coloring books in the dollar bin (they also came with matching stickers). The pictures inside are very cute and simple. Pinky decided that she and Chaos should color all of the pictures and then write a story inside the coloring book. So that's just what we did!

The lion book belongs to Chaos (he even colored the cover) and rainbow book is Pinky's of course.

A few pages from Pinky's book. She did all of the coloring and came up with her own story. I just wrote it down. Her story reads:
"Once upon a time their were two hummingbirds and a frog who was very nice. One day they met two snails. They also saw a beautiful rainbow. There was also a little bee who lived by the mushrooms. He was very nice. The frog made friends with him and with the butterflies who lived by the rainbow. They all loved each other very much. They saw a beautiful blue heart. They played together by the rainbow. They saw two dragonflies and became friends. They all played together and lived happily ever after. The End."

A few pages from Chaos's book. He did most of the coloring, but Pinky helped him finish the last few pages. The monkey page was done on his own and the elephant page was a joint collaboration. Pinky came up with a story for him. It reads:
"Once upon a time there was a zebra and she met an elephant. And she met a giraffe. And the giraffe was very friendly. And she met an elephant. The elephant was very kind. And she met a hippopotamus. And she met a red cat. And she met a purple lion. And she met two monkeys. And she met a rhinoceros. She made a lot of new friends. The End."
Wouldn't these make cute grandparent gifts? They're such a cute keepsake. I love having not only their artwork, but also their words captured to look back on years from now.

Both kids have added their story books to their bookshelves (and ask me to read them over and over again).

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