Friday, February 5, 2010

Late or Early?

Okay, don't get mad, but I have a Christmas project to post. I'm either late or really, really early on this one.

Ever since I ordered Wild One's first Christmas ornament from the Land of Nod (a felt bird), I've been eager to try my hand at crafting some ornaments out of felt. Next Christmas we plan to put up a second tree in our (hopefully) finished basement. We want it to be a tree that the kids can decorate, touch, and rearrange without fear of broken ornaments. So, what better to decorate with than felt, right?

I saw this ornament on etsy and thought I'd try to make it myself (is that allowed/ethical?). I like the etsy version better, but still, I'm kind of fond of this one. I love all things robots and spaceships, so I crafted this little ornament for Chaos:

Well, I intended it for Chaos. Pinky took off with it to hang on her Christmas tree which is still up in her room (we *may* convince her it's time to pack it away before the 4th of July).

Hopefully this fulfills my urge for Christmas crafts for at least a few months. I have so many other felt projects I want to tackle...

1 comment:

Polly said...

Cute! Now is the perfect time to work on Christmas ornaments because is you wait until it's almost Christmas, they just might not get done. :)

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