Monday, March 8, 2010

A Nursery Project

We have been ever so slowly continuing to work on our room redo. Chaos has been moved to his big boy room (though not the big boy bed) even though the room isn't completely finished.

With the nursery freed up, it's left room for me to start working on a few little projects. When I bought Wild One's bedding set, it came with one matching valance. I knew I had no plans to use it as a window cover since 1) there are two windows in the nursery and 2) we prefer full length drapes for a darker room. many things do you think I can make from this one valance?

My first is a nightlight. We had an old Dora nightlight lying around that had long ago lost the picture insert. I cut a small piece of the valance to fit inside and now I have a cute (free!) matching nightlight for Wild One's room.

More projects to come...

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