Monday, April 12, 2010

Crafts from the Hardware Store

I'm sorry I've been absent lately. We are on a deadline to FINISH the room redo finally. We've spent a lot of time buying supplies - trim molding, power tools, nails...well, you get the idea.

I'm sure at this point my husband is tired of me turning his favorite place into my own craft store (which just so happens to be his LEAST favorite place). While he was busy picking out molding, I found some great wooden dowels perfect for making ribbon wands.

One dowel ($1.09) was 36 inches long. I could have cut it into 12 inch pieces to make 3 ribbon wands, but I wanted them slightly longer so I went for 15" and had a small leftover piece (darn, I hate waste!).

I added some simple eye screws to the top of the dowel, strung some ribbon through the top and sewed the edge.

Pinky picked out all of the ribbon that I used. We tried to make Chaos's wand very manly with camouflage and football ribbon.

Since we used only ribbon that I had in my stash, the grand total for this project was under $3 for both wands. Not too bad!

1 comment:

Polly said...

Both of my kids would love these!

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