Friday, May 7, 2010

Travel Bags

Every summer, the kids and I take a trip to see my family for a few weeks. This year, our trip will include a stop to see the in-laws and a giant family reunion.

Oh...did I mention the trip will tally over 3,000 miles (with our dog in tow too) and will last about 5 and a half weeks? Sounds a bit crazy to be called a vacation, doesn't it?

The kids are good car travelers at this point, and I'll be honest, the dvd players definitely help. We have lots of other fun travel activities for them too. Let me show you what I've been working on....

First, and most importantly, I'm sewing up two of these adorable Child Activity bags from Moda Bake Shop

I plan to stuff these bags full of goodies including:

Felt Crayon Holders from Skip to My Lou (and yes, I realize the Child Activity bag also has a crayon holder, but I thought these would be great for when we stop at restaurants along the way).

I Spy quilts using this fabric

Using this Favorite Things Caddy tutorial from Kojo Designs I plan to make a car caddy for Chaos and...

...a My Little Pony Roll up featuring 5 new My Little Ponies for Pinky inspired by Smashed Peas and Carrots. I think I will make a castle/rainbow scene will be more in line with Pinky's interest.

The infamous felt Mr. Potato Head from Make It and Love It (she was asked to remove the tutorial by Hasbro, so unfortunately I can't share it's awesomeness with you).

Finally, cool Scavenger Hunt cards from Saltwater Kids of things we're likely to see along the way.

I also have some non-handmade goodies for the bag including mini magnadoodles, magnetic playsets, travel bingo, coloring books, hidden pictures for Pinky, new movies, and Pinky's latest obsession - her Leapster.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about Wild One. I have something fun planned for her too. I'll be sure to post pictures as I finish!


Polly said...

Wow! You are brave. I can't even fathom taking a trip that long with kiddos and no husband along.

Melissa Stramel said...

Wow! You are one busy lady. Thanks for showing my Activity Bag! Make sure you post your creations in the Lilac Lane flickr pool and the Moda Bake Shop flickr pool. It's so exciting to see my work in action.

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