Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Someday Crafts...

A few years ago I thought it would be fun (for crazy, list obessesed people like myself) to make a list of all the crafts I would like to complete in a one year time.  I called it my "Year of Crafting."  I've never gotten anywhere close to completing the lists, but it's still fun to make them each year - almost like New Years Resolutions.

I've referenced these lists a million times over the years so I thought I would bookmark them here in case others are interested in trying some of these cool projects.

Year Three:
  1. Toddler Sewing Basket
  2. Rag Quilts for each kid
  3. ABC Scrapbook for Chaos
  4. Burp Cloths for Sprout
  5. Tie Fleece Blanket for Sprout
  6. Felt Playhouse
  7. Valentine's Day Table Runner
  8. 2010 Family Scrapbook
  9. 2011 Family Scrapbook
  10. Wild One's Baby Scrapbook
  11. Sprout's Baby Scrapbook
  12. Quilted Placemats (or this one)
  13. Remote Caddy for Basement Couch
  14. Handprint Ornamant for Wild One
  15. Happy Birthday Banner and Merry Christmas Banner
  16. I Spy Quilts
  17. Button Turkey
  18. Turkey Hairclip
  19. Glitter Christmas Ornament
  20. Felt Landscape
  21. Felt Racetrack
  22. Felt Kitchen
  23. Wooden Baby Blocks
  24. Felt Mr. Potato Head
  25. Advent Calendar
  26. Quilted Growth Chart
  27. Mini Christmas Tree Skirts for Pinky and Chaos
  28. Tutu bedskirt
  29. Hairbow Holder (my own design)
  30. Child artwork ornaments (2 types)

Year Two:
  1. Toolbelt for Chaos
  2. Valentine's Day Table Runner
  3. Fabric Travel High Chair
  4. Crayon Rolls
  5. Car Caddy
  6. Fabric Dollhouse - a barn for Pinky and a garage with cars for Chaos
  7. Pinky's Rainbow quilt
  8. Wild One's Sock Monkey Quilt
  9. Glass tile necklace for me!
  10. 1930s 9 patch Quilt
  11. Circle Quilt
  12. Tie Fleece blanket for Wild One
  13. Shadow Boxes for Wild One's nursery
  14. Christmas stockings with hand embroidered names
  15. Busy Books for all of the kids
  16. More felt food - particularly cookies on a cookie sheet, pasta, crackers, eggs, pancakes, pop tarts and lollipops
  17. Tea towel apron to go with the felt food
  18. Glass block night light
  19. Photo coasters
  20. ABC Scrapbook for Chaos
  21. Chaos Baby Scrapbook
  22. 2009 Family Scrapbook
  23. 2010 Family Scrapbook
  24. Wild One Baby Scrapbook
  25. Handprint ornament for Wild One
  26. Happy Birthday Banner
  27. Sippy cup leash
  28. Felt mustache
  29. Felt Mr. Potato Head
  30. Chalkboard placemat
  31. Playsilks
  32. I Spy Quilts

Year One:

Crafts to Finish:
1. Pinky's baby quilt (yes, I bought this fabric when I was pregnant with Pinky - yikes!!)
2. Sun dress for Pinky (and the matching doll dress) that I started last summer
3. Baby doll quilt. I have the quilt top (made from baby washcloths) finished. I just need to add the backing fabric and quilt it.
4. Jewelry holder made from an old screen. Hard to describe, but I have the screen and have wanted to make it for Pinky's dress up jewelry for a long time.
Crafts to Try:
5. Christmas stockings for the whole family (and I'll never have to worry about matching stockings again)
6. Cloth baby shoes (think Robeez style)
7. Burp cloths. No real need for these, they just look cute. Maybe they'll come in handy for baby #3
8. Premade scrapbook pages.
9. Baby stacking rings
10.Taggie blanket
11. Baby blocks
12. Handprint canvases
13. Framed fabric art for bathroom
Gifts to Make:
14. Eye Spy bag
15. Felt food. This will be cute for pretend kitchen play.
16. Crayon roll up. This will be a great diaper bag item.
17. Superhero cape for dress up and...
18. Superhero mask
19. Tutu
20. Fishing game
21. Cloth house (in a garage version with cars for Chaos and maybe a barn with animals too. Depending on Pinky's interest I may also make a doll house for her)
22. Soap balls with prizes inside
23. Scrabble tile necklace
24. Kid's artwork collage
And last, but certainly not least:
25. Pottery Barn knock off craft desk

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