Sunday, January 9, 2011

Preparing for Kindergarten

Next year Pinky will be off to Kindergarten (HOW is this even possible? I swear a minute ago she was that tiny toddler putting stickers on the dog). Here is a list that her school sent home for Kindergarten preparedness:

Practical Life Activities
  1. Zipping a jacket
  2. Packing a backpack
  3. Buttoning shirts
  4. Washing hands
  5. Use the bathroom alone
  6. Blowing nose with a tissue
  7. Tie shoes
  8. Table setting
  9. Fold paper in half
  10. Correctly handles scissors, crayons, pencil, and glue
  1. Rote counting - Count objects to 100
  2. Writing numerals 0-10
  3. Math vocabulary of more, less, before, after, between, etc.
  4. Do activities that help with recognition of numbers. For example, keep a calendar.
  5. Practice estimating
  6. Practice naming coins and their value
  7. Introduce your child to different uses of measurement
  8. Sequencing numbers smallest to largest and largest to smallest
  9. Use flash cards
  10. Recognize colors and shapes
  1. Know first and last name
  2. Practice saying home phone number, address, and birth date
  3. Read daily to your child. After you read a story have your child retell the story in correct sequence (beginning, middle, end)
  4. When you give your child directions for a task have her repeat the directions in the correct sequence (first, second, last)
  5. Play word games, rhyming games, and brainstorm lists. For example, names of fruits, friends, vehicles, etc.
  6. Practice letter and sound recognition
  7. Practice printing letters of the alphabet
  8. Write letters in a shallow pan of pudding, shaving cream, salt or sand
  9. Print first name correctly (with proper capitalization at the start)
Just for fun Pinky and I are also learning the days of the week (because of her new Tinkerbell calendar) and, now that she is starting to read, we are working on basic sight words. I let her guide the activities and only continue if she is having FUN! We've also started learning to tell time, but I'll post about that another time...

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