Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Seuss Week, Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our week long Dr. Seuss celebration!

Today we read one of my personal favorites, Horton Hatches the Egg (or, as Pinky calls it, Horton CRACKS the Egg).

After we read the book, we talked about why birds have to sit on their eggs. We watched a video (you can find it here) on YouTube of a robin's egg hatching. Pinky and Chaos thought it was pretty neat (I have to say I thought it was pretty cool too)!

To get Wild One involved in our activities, we had our Mother Duck "hatch" 5 eggs and sang "5 Little Ducks" to her.

I also filled a few plastic eggs with different items from around the kitchen (rice, cereal, etc) to make our own egg shaker sounds. (Using items from the kitchen meant there was no worry of baby eating anything if the eggs accidentally popped open!)

The kids finished the day by coloring a picture of Horton sitting on his egg.

If you're looking for more Horton activities, you could try making your own elephant ears and trunk as posted on Crafts~N~Things for Children. So cute!

Join us tomorrow for Day 3 - when things will get MESSY!

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Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

What a fun idea!

BEwers said...

The baby ducks in the eggs are such a cute idea!

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