Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr. Seuss, Day 6

Thank you so much for stopping by Day 6!

Two more great books to talk about today - The Shape of Me and Other Stuff and Oh, the Places You'll Go!

After we read The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, Chaos surprised me by asking if he could pretend to be other shapes (I LOVE how imaginative he is becoming lately). We pretended to be pretzels, whales, frogs, and even a trumpet!

When we finished our game, we started our shape activities. Using a large art roll, I traced the shape of Pinky (R) and Chaos (L).

They spent a lot of time coloring clothes, faces, jewelry and other things to finish their pictures. Then we hung them on their bedroom doors.

Wild One, in the mean time, had a great time playing with a shape sorter. We have lots of shape sorters around the house, but I'm particularly fond of this Fisher Price Peek a Block one. The blocks are cute and eye catching and (best of all for Wild One) it has a handle to carry it around.

I'm sure many of you have read the next book - Oh, The Places You'll Go, but it's always worth a reread! I found two GREAT activities at Bright Hub.

First, we played a movement game - a wonderful activity when your kids are just chock full of energy. I made two piles of cards - one with movements (jump, skip, hop, walk backwards) and one with locations (the kitchen, the couch, your bedroom, etc). They took turns picking a card from each pile and acting out what was on them (jump to the kitchen, bear walk to the bathroom...).

The next game we played was all about Making Good Choices. I made a simple game board using markers and a piece of cardboard. Then I wrote out choices - both good and bad - on cards (cut up construction paper). We took turns rolling the dice and picking a card. If we correctly identified it as a good or bad choice (and it was fun to hear the logic behind some of these!) we were allowed to move forward. The first one to the finish line was the winner.

Our game board. I used some jumbo plastic jacks as game pieces.

This was a fun homemade game to play for family game night!

There's only one more day left of our Seuss celebration. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the last of the festivities, then catch our recap (with a few activities we didn't have time for) on Sunday.

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Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

I've never heard of The Shape of Me---I like how you paired it up with body tracing! It is amazing how many Dr. Seuss books there are and ones I've never heard of!

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