Sunday, March 27, 2011

What We Did This Week - Week 7

Pinky is 5 years, Chaos is 36 months, and Wild One is 15 months

Despite the best of intentions, we had a slow week around here - mostly spent impatiently waiting for Sprout who appears to be the first of my kids to be a LATE arrival! :)

We are still following along the online art class at Pineapple Paintbrush, but I saved most of the activities for next week when Pinky is on spring break.

We did read two art books this week though. First, as I posted about earlier, we read I Spy Shapes in Art and had a really fun activity to go with it.

You can read more about the many games we played with these construction paper shapes here.

We also read Harold and the Purple Crayon - I think this has become Chaos's new favorite book. He asks me to read it to him a dozen times a day.

The kids did plenty of drawing with their crayons in these adorable Color Your Own journals that I found at Michaels for 99 cents.

(Whoops, forgot to take a picture of these. I will upload it first thing tomorrow!)

To further tie in with the book, we printed and colored two mini books. The first was "It Looked Like a Dot" from Waddlee-Ah-Chaa.

This is a really cute and unique printable. Pinky had a lot of fun with it.

The second was "I Can Draw" from DTLK.

Each page has a simple sentence as a drawing prompt (I can draw a tree, I can draw my brother, etc.)

In non art related activities we just had to try the Ivory soap experiment that has been popping up on various blogs (I believe I saw it for the first time on Housing a Forest).

The kids loved watching the soap grow in the microwave. Pinky had guessed that it would melt so she was surprised to see it get bigger! It was fun to play with too (after it cooled).

We didn't want to waste an entire bar of soap so we added a bit of water back to the soap blob and made our own soap shapes using cookie cutters. The kids had fun using them in the bath.

Two birds and a heart

In real life activities, Pinky had her dance observation class. She has really enjoyed the last couple years in dance and has come a long way from being too shy to perform in front of the other parents.

Pretty in pink

I switched out Wild One's Discovery Box this week. I put in an assortment of foam blocks and (as I thought she would) she loved them. She really loves to build towers and has gotten quite good at it!

She played a lot with her baby dolls this week too. She even pretended to feed them and change their diapers, though apparently she did NOT want to share this cool bed with them.

My favorite picture of the week:

Why play WITH your toys when you can play IN them? She was pretty mad that I took a picture before rescuing her.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

For some reason my daughter has mixed feelings about Harold stories. She finds them a bit threatening - after all, Harold is all by himself in the middle of the night. But I think the stories are quite fun. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

Melissa Taylor said...

Thank you, Raising a Happy Child, I also don't like Harold. Where are his parents? The stories make me anxious.

Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

Fun ideas! We tried the soap in the microwave, but it didn't turn out for us for some reason.. ha ha. Hmmmm...

Thanks for sharing this post at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars. This week's party is now posted. I'd love to have you share with us again this week!

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