Tuesday, April 24, 2012

K5 Learning Review

We recently had the opportunity to review K5 Learning, an online reading and math program for kids from kindergarten through grade 5.  K5 is designed for home use and can be used for after-school, weekend and summertime supplemental study or in conjunction with a homeschooling program.

We received a 6 week free trial to evaluate the program.  I had tried out some of the sample lessons on their website and was fairly impressed at how fun and informative the program was.

Pinky, my techy lover, was very excited to try out the program. We began with an online assessment of her reading and math skills.  This was not her favorite part as the tests were long (it is suggested you break the test up into several sessions), but it was nice to have a fairly accurate picture of what she already knew and what she needed to work on.

Once the assessment was completed, it was time to play...or rather, learn.  When Pinky logged in, she was able to choose which area she'd like to work on: Reading, Spelling, Math, or Math Facts.  Pinky really enjoyed the animation and the games.  As a parent, I loved the feedback that was provided in the parent area (progress reports, quiz results, spelling words learned and the progress made on each math fact).  I also liked that parents could assign any math or reading assignment to their child at any time and add specific spelling words to be studied.

After using the program for 6 weeks, I can say that both Pinky and I enjoyed it.

  • The segments or assignments were broken down into smaller, 5 minute increments.  It was nice to have the option to take breaks or limit screen time for a day.
  • The assignments were fun.  Pinky enjoyed them and would ask to play.
  • The feedback I received on Pinky's progress was helpful and informative.
  • Customer service was very helpful and friendly.
  • The site is ad free.
  • They offer a free two week trial (and they don't ask for payment information - it is really, truly a FREE trial).
  • The cost.  K5 is available on a subscription basis for $25/month or $199/year with discounts for siblings.  As a supplemental study program, I feel that it may be cost-prohibitive for some families.  
Overall, I was impressed with the K5 program.  It is something that I will keep in mind for bridging the gap during summertime.  I encourage you to try the 2 week free trial if you feel this program could work for you.

Disclosure: I received a free 6 week trial of K5 Learning in order to write this review.  All opinions presented are mine and not influenced by the company or the free product I received.

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