Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cinderella's Birthday

Pinky has really been into Cinderella lately. Today, she donned her Cinderella dress and invited Chaos and I to a birthday party in her room. Who's birthday? Cinderella's of course! After watching her slave over her play kitchen preparing our meal, I've come to a conclusion - she learned to cook from me. At one point she handed me a stick of butter and told me it was peanut butter. Then she heated up our cookies in the fridge and cooled our tea in the microwave. Her cooking skills may have left something to be desired, but she was a very gracious host!

After the party, she pulled her step stool to the front of her dresser and became our teacher. She stood on the stool, book in hand and called "Attention! Everyone please pay attention!" She showed us the pictures of the book while demanding that we "Be patient!" and "Behave!"

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