Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Find a Few Good Buddies and Start a Band!

I don't know about your house, but around here, we have some definite music lovers. Naturally then, we love making our own instruments. Here are some easy projects to get you started.

This is our newest instrument. We found the instructions at Sprout online. Just take an empty cardboard tube (we used a paper towel roll, but you could use a toilet paper roll or even a wrapping paper tube if you're feeling adventurous). Decorate the tube. We wrapped ours in construction paper and covered it in stickers. Then, tape some paper on one end of the tube to close it up. Pour in a small amount of rice or something similar (we used orzo pasta because we had it on hand) and some strips of foil. You really only need a small amount of rice, and the foil strips help make it sound pretty realistic. Cap off the second end. You can add some feathers or ribbon to really jazz it up if you want.

Sparkly Shaker:
This is another great recycled craft. Clean and remove the label from a plastic pop bottle (20 oz size is just right for small hands). Fill the bottle with plastic beads, buttons, popcorn, rice, sequins - anything that will make a great sound while shaking and look pretty inside. When you're finished filling it, securely put the cap back on (you may want to glue it or tape it shut to prevent anyone from opening it and dumping out the contents). Decorate the outside of the bottle. We used colored masking tape, but you could also wrap it in paper, add stickers, paint it, etc. Get as creative as you want.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Have your child decorate the backside of a paper plate. Fold the plate in half and add rice, popcorn, or dried beans). Staple the plate shut and you are ready to play!

Now, turn on some music and let your kids jam along with you. You can even have them march in a parade. Another day I'll post instructions for an easy to make streamer to carry in the parade.

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