Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Special" is all in your attitude

Today has just been a lousy day so far. Nothing horrible, but it's the sort of day where you wished you would have stayed in bed. Every little thing went wrong - the kids were cranky, Chaos wouldn't sleep and when I finally DID get him to sleep and layed him down in his crib, the darn cat freaked out in the room and woke him up. It took an hour's worth of crying to get him to go down again.

Our craft this morning was a bust too. Pinky lost interest pretty quickly (though she does like to play with them so I guess it's not a lost cause). We made construction paper gingerbread men and cut out clothes to decorate them with. We got the free pattern here: Thrifty Craft Mama. Pinky made three and I made one. Can you guess which one is mine?

The rotten day continued when I had to bundle the kids up to meet Hubby, and since I was already in a foul mood it reminded me of how much I hate winter. It took 30 minutes to get both kids dressed, into their carseats and get the car cleaned off. We were out of the house for less than 15 minutes.

Anyway, since we were already out and about and it was close to lunch time (and I felt a bit guilty about being such a grump all morning) I stopped by McDonalds and picked up a Happy Meal for Pinky. We took it home to eat because I wanted her down at a reasonable time for nap because she is going to the new bounce house tonight with Hubby and our potluck group.

While she was eating her meal at the kitchen table, I overheard her conversation with Chaos.
(While Chaos was standing up on her chair) "No Chaos, you can't have McDonalds. It's not your special day. It's mine."
And then, while chomping on her nuggets, "Do you know about big bounce house Chaos?"

I couldn't help but laugh. Only a kid could view today as a very special day. She did get one of her favorite My Little Ponies as a Happy Meal toy though, so maybe it really is - No, wait, Chaos just ate her Dora ViewMaster reel - I don't think she'll view that as special at all.

Here's to better days tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

I am laughing too!! Oh, life is not always simple, but it sure can be funny if doesn't make you crazy!!!

kissies to all*****


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