Saturday, December 20, 2008

Great game

Pinky recieved the game Cranium Cariboo from a friend as an early birthday present. I highly recommend it! It's a very simple and fun game. It comes with 6 bouncy balls that you put into the game board. You take turns drawing cards which may have either a color, number, letter or shape on it. You have to match your card to the cards on the secret doors and use a special "key" to open a matching door. If there is a ball under your door, you get to put it into a tube to try to open the treasure chest. Whoever opens the treasure chest (the person who finds the 6th ball) wins the game. Once your child has mastered this beginner version, you simply flip the cards on the doors over and switch to the advanced set of cards for a more challenging game.

Pinky plays this game over and over, sometimes even without us! After only a week she is already recognzing her numbers and letters (something she was struggling with before). This is definitely a game worth having around.

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