Friday, December 19, 2008

Free Play Friday

With the days getting so busy as we get closer to Christmas (and Pinky's birthday!), I wanted to stay away from doing too many structured crafts with Pinky and let her just have some downtime. Yesterday the kids' Christmas package came from their Grandma Pam and Pappy and inside were some giant blue print type papers. They are blank on one side and, I thought, perfect for drawing! I taped the paper down to our table and left some stickers and crayons within reach (she's not one for drawing on the walls, but if you have that problem - Mr. Clean Magic erasers are great), and now she can decide when she wants to draw.

The best part? When she's done coloring the paper, I will use it to wrap birthday presents for her friends and family. Cheap, fun entertainment with a kick of recycling. What more could you want?

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