Friday, December 19, 2008

Activities for babies

I've posted a lot about the fun things I do with Pinky, and I wanted to prove that I have fun with Chaos too. Here are some of our favorite things.

We took a Baby and Me class together and one of the crafts we made was a sorting can. It's incredibly simple (and cheap to make). We used a formula can with the label removed, but you could also use a coffee can or anything similar. Cut a slot through the lid of the can. Use baby food jar lids to drop in the can, and you have a great educational toy for your child. We decorated ours with stickers, though in hindsight, I should have left the stickers off the baby food jar lids. They end up in his mouth so much that I'm pretty sure they will just come off.

I also find some really great play ideas for Chaos and I in the book "Baby Play" by Gymboree. It has so many wonderful ideas of simple ways to play with your child, broken down by age groups (up to 9+ months).

For fun today we simply blew bubbles. He loved it. He would crawl after them and squeal in delight when they popped on his head or if he was able to "catch" one.

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