Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Under The Sea! And, Do All Fishies Go to Heaven?

When I asked Pinky what type of craft she wanted to do today, she, of course, said "a Mermaid craft." Thankfully, I was able to find something online. I found this fishbowl project: Fishbowl Craft and swapped out the fish for these mermaid printables: Printables.

Pinky did all the gluing, coloring, painting, and glittering herself. All I helped with was cutting and assembling. I think it turned out great, though if I we do it again, I will use a sturdier plate (maybe Styrofoam). She's pretty thrilled about it and is VERY impatiently waiting for it all to dry.

After our craft we just HAD to watch the Little Mermaid 3. (Did you know they made 3 of them, because I certainly didn't.) Well, in this movie, as in all Disney movies, the mother, Athena, dies. This raised many, many questions from Pinky. "Where is her Mommy?" "Mommy, where did Athena go?" I told her that Athena had gone to Heaven to be with Jesus. "Can we see her Mommy?" " Can we go to Heaven tonight and see her and Jesus?" "When will she be back from Heaven?"

Yup, all questions I am not prepared to answer for her. She really caught me off guard. Guess I'll have to come up with better answers next time we watch the movie.

And in case you're wondering where Chaos was during all of this, he was taking a blissful 2 and a half hour nap.

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Anonymous said...

love the crafts...Maybe gramma pj can get some finished projects to hand on the fridge/door/cabinet, etc?

SpartanGirl said...

We can definitely send some your way. We're already running out of fridge space.

Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

What a cute project - fish are always fun. Thanks for linking to the Kids Can Craft Party!

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