Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tasty Thursday!

I've been wanting to cook with Pinky for awhile now. I saw a cool post over at no time for flashcards about making chocolate covered bananas, and I *knew* this would be perfect since it combines two of Pinky's favorite foods!

We followed the instructions over at NTFFC, except I wanted the chocolate to be more of a peanut butter texture so that Pinky could "paint" it on.

Using her popsicle stick to get some chocolate "paint" for her banana.

Oops, I guess that chocolate was for her, not for her banana! (I think she ate more than she put on the banana).

Eating her delicious creation. Just after this picture we decided to add rainbow sprinkles. They made a good thing even better!

We had a lot of fun doing this. If you can get past the mess and the unhealthy snack (I mean there is a banana buried under all that sugar after all), it's really a great activity. And it's quite tasty, too.

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