Saturday, January 31, 2009

A trip to Ikea

We spent the day today at Ikea. I love that place. I mean seriously LOVE that place. The kids love it too. It's like a giant playground. We start every visit there by having lunch. Pinky gets the meatballs every time. I swear, I could put meatballs on her plate at home and it would cause the BIGGEST stink. No way she would eat them. But, put them on a cool kid's tray at IKEA, smother them in some lingenberry sauce and you have a winner. It is her favorite part of the trip. I asked her. And remember, she got to climb on couches, beds, into showers, sit at desks, play with all the toys at Children's Ikea and she had an ice cream cone on our way out. Still, her favorite part was eating meatballs. Go figure.

Anyway, we got some cool loot while we were there. Here's the damage (since you simply can not walk out of Ikea empty handed).
  • An igloo pop up tent (fits better in the living room than the camping tent)
  • A rainbow 6 pack each of kid's plastic cups, plates and bowls
  • A tan and chocolate rug for under the kitchen table
  • 12 drinking glasses

I love how cheap things are there. We bought a bunch of stuff we didn't really need and walked out feeling like we had the deal of the century!

If you're an Ikea lover like me, you have to check out this cool Ikea hacker blog. It's pretty creative.

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