Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby and Toddler Activities, cont'd

Continuing the series of baby/toddler activities that I received from our county. These are not my ideas, and, of course, may not be appropriate for all babies. Please use care when trying any new activity with your child, taking into consideration their own abilities and temperaments. All activities should be properly supervised. Follow all safety guidelines.

Activities for Infants 4-8 Months Old
  • Place baby on your knee facing you. Bounce baby to the rhythm of a nursery rhyme. Help baby bring hands together to clap to the rhythm.
  • Fill an empty tissue box with strips of magazine pages. Baby will love pulling them out. (Do not use newsprint; it's toxic. Never use plastic bags or wrap).
  • Play voice games. Talk with a high or low voice. Click your tongue. Whisper. Take turns with baby. Repeat baby's sounds. Place baby so you are face to face -- baby will watch you make sounds.
  • Play peek-a-boo with hands, cloth, or diaper. You hide first. Then let baby hide. Pull cloth off if baby can't.
  • Place baby in chair or carseat to watch everyday activities. Tell baby what you are doing. Let baby see, hear and touch common objects. You can give baby attention while getting things done.
  • Place baby facing you. Baby can watch you change facial expressions (big smile, tongue out, wide eyes, raised eyebrows, blowing). Give baby a turn. Do what baby does.
  • Place baby on tummy with toys or objects around but just out of reach. Encourage baby to reach for toys.
  • Listen to music with baby.
  • Let baby see self in mirror. Place a mirror on the side of crib or changing table so baby can see. Look in mirror with baby too.
  • With baby lying on back, place toys within sight but out of reach. Move a toy in front of baby's eyes and then to baby's side. Encourage baby to roll to get the toy.
  • Gently rub baby with a soft cloth, paper towel, or nylon. Talk about how things feel (soft, rough, slippery). Lotion feels good too.
  • Let baby play with toys that make noise (rattles).
  • Baby will push or throw toys to the floor. Take time to play this "go and fetch" game. It helps baby learn to let go of objects. Give a box or pan to practice dropping toys into.
  • Once baby starts rolling or crawling on tummy, play "come and get me" game. Let baby move, then chase after baby. Tickle or hug when you catch baby.
  • Encourage baby to kick legs and wave arms.
  • While sitting on the floor, place baby in a sitting position inside your legs. Use your legs and chest to give only as much support as baby needs. This allows you to play with baby while encouraging sitting alone.
  • Attach favorite toy to side of the crib, swing, or carrier for baby to reach and grasp. Change toys to give baby new things to see and do.

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