Saturday, February 28, 2009

A day at the craft store...

While Pinky and my husband were taking full advantage of a free open gym pass, Chaos and I were fighting the crowds at our local craft stores (and I'm sure Chaos is wondering what he did to get the short stick in this deal!).

Hobby Lobby had some pretty good deals today. I walked out with 3 large rolls of tulle for a tutu for Pinky, alligator hair clips for $1 (I'm going to decorate them with ribbon), backing and binding fabric for Chaos' birthday quilt, quilting thread, and some other little craft supplies that I needed. Almost everything was on sale (and most of that was 50% off). I love it when that happens!

I was very disappointed though that I didn't get any quilt batting. Joann's had it on sale, but I didn't have time to stand in the cutting lines. I do have a coupon though, so even if I miss the sale, it still won't be full price. I only have 15 days to finish his quilt, so I really have to get sewing! I'm really nervous about quilting and binding. I've been doing a lot of "how to" reading, but I've never actually done it. I just hope it turns out cute.

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