Monday, March 23, 2009

No Sew Fleece Blankets

Going back to one of my old crafts (since I'm sort of between crafts right now), after each kid was born I made them (with some help from Grandmas) no sew fleece blankets. Such an easy, cute project that can be completed in one afternoon. Ours have gotten a lot of use too. When they were younger, we would throw them on the floor for them to lie on. As they got older, they were perfect for bundling up during cold nights.

Pinky's was made with help from Grandma PJ. She did the applique work on the back side which is really cute! These are pictures from when we first made it. It's seen a lot of love since then.


Back with applique hearts

Chaos' blanket was made with help from Grandma Pam. When we found this adorable construction fleece in the store, we knew it was perfect for him!

Front (ugh, the comparison of these pictures just reminds me how much I hate our new camera)


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