Friday, March 13, 2009

Some New Activities

I've been trying to think beyond crafts for activities to do with Pinky. I want to start introducing science experiments.

Two new things I tried with her this week that were a hit:

Mystery Box - Okay, it was a bag, but Pinky had done something similar in one of her classes so she called the game Mystery Box. Very simple - choose household objects and put them in the bag. Have your child close their eyes, select one item and describe how it feels. I lead Pinky in this - "Is it soft or hard? Big or little? Rough or smooth?" Then see if they can guess what it is. Pinky surprised me with how well she could guess some pretty tough items (like a silicone cupcake holder and a lime!).

Volcano - I'm sure we've all tried this one. Mix vinegar and baking soda and watch how it bubbles and fizzes. She really liked it!

My husband has another game he plays with Pinky - Taste Test. He picks 3 or 4 things from the kitchen and has her taste them. Then he tries to get her to describe how they taste. It's a great way to get her to try new foods!

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