Sunday, June 7, 2009

I think I'm back!

After 14 very long weeks of nausea, vomiting, trips to the hospital for dehydration, and general feeling like crap, I think I have returned to the land of the living. I will spare you my woes of morning sickness for another post though. Today, I want to talk crafting!

Since finding out we were expecting I have barely touched a single craft - until this week. I went to my monthly scrap night, and it felt good to be back! Now though, I realize that I am woefully behind (the mantra of any scrapbooker) since I have another child to scrapbook for at the end of this year. I have spent the weekend scouring pictures to order to get caught up. I remember before Chaos was born I vowed I would be 100% caught up before he was born. I did come close, but now I sit here closing in on 7 months behind in my scrapbooking. I once again vow to be caught up before the baby is born! I am much further along now then I was before Chaos was born, so this should be a piece of cake.

In other crafting news, I have been working on some hair clips for Pinky. I even made a purple bow to match her dance recital outfit when I couldn't find one in the stores. I will post pictures (my eyes are too googly right now to find them) this week of the finished products.

Once we return from our annual summer vacation, I also vow to get started on Pinky's rainbow quilt. That was the next project I had scheduled before I became so sick. I would like to have it finished by her birthday (which also happens to be Christmas Day). And I would like to have a quilt completed for our new baby for his/her first Christmas. What do you think? Can I finish two quilts by Christmas? Or am I crazy for even trying? Wish me luck. With the list of homemade Christmas gifts I want to make as well, I may be going crazy here soon.

I think that's probably enough rambling for one night, but since I think posts are infinitely better with pictures, I'll leave you with one. Here's our newest little one, Wild Thing, at our last ultrasound.

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