Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our "Room Redo"

You may have noticed that I haven't posted very many craft/activities that I've done with the kids lately. The truth is, we haven't done much this summer. Part of the reason is because we've been gone for most of it on vacations and such, but the other part is that our house in a state of upheaval right now.

Preparing the house for Wild One's arrival is no small feat. Our current playroom is an extra bedroom in our upstairs. We plan to finish our basement (a HUGE undertaking) into a new playroom, move Chaos into the old playroom, and redo the nursery for Wild One. Things are constantly being moved from place to place, and there are boxes in temporary storage all over the house. One such place is the craft closet in the playroom. It's nearly impossible to get to our supplies these days.

While I do hope that as we continue to make progress and get more and more into our old routine that we will have more crafts and activities to post about (I have some planned for this week), I thought I would share some of our kid room decor with you in the meantime.

Decorating kids' rooms has always been fun to me. They're the rooms in the house where you can get away with bright, bold colors and funky accents. I feel like a kid again when I'm planning out the rooms.

I will post highlights of the kid rooms we have done. Originally this was to be one giant post, but it was just too large. I will post the rooms one at a time, in the order we completed them. I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Pinky's Nursery:
Inspired by a photo I saw online, I knew I wanted pink and yellow stripes throughout Pinky's nursery. Though I had many naysayers when the project started (especially from my husband - here on in this series known as Mr. Handy), they agreed that the room turned out pretty well.

Her crib, placed kitty corner on the wall. The bedding is Amy Coe's Pink Sorbet Splash from Target. I believe it is discontinued now. The shag rug in front of the crib is a Mary Kate & Ashley rug from WalMart. It sheds terribly, but it's cute and cozy. It's in front of her bed in her big girl room now.

The glider area. Mr. Handy made the shelves on the wall above the chair. To the right, just out of view of this picture is Pinky's bookshelf with her name spelled out in wooden letters above it.

The dresser that doubles as the changing table with shadow boxes (featured in another post) above it.

This room took so much time and effort. Mr. Handy had to measure and tape off all of the stripes on the wall and hang the chair rail. Now, you don't know this from the dates on these pictures, but he did all of this when we first moved into our house - when I was 8 months pregnant with Pinky. He was 2 months into his chemo treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma and still managed to get all of it finished in time (don't worry, I helped too).

That's it for this first post. I will post a new kids' room each week until I've finished them all. Thanks for looking!

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