Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turtles and Mazes

We finally pulled out the craft supplies and did 2 completely unrelated crafts today. First we made turtles from Styrofoam bowls using green paint and construction paper. Pinky LOVED this craft and wanted to make hundreds of them. She settled for two.

Painstakingly painting her turtle shell.

Her finished turtles. They're so cute! She made me promise that we could make more crafts like this. When I mentioned making a ladybug, she was ecstatic!

So, while we were waiting for the paint to dry on our turtles, we made a marble maze. I found this activity on this post on Preschool Playbook. I'm not sure Pinky really knew what a maze was supposed to be, but she loved sticking the toothpicks through the plate and then making the marble bump into all of the "posts."

Helping her marble through the "maze."

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