Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Room Redo cont'd - Pinky's Room

The continuation of my room redo series.

Pinky's Big Girl Room:

Just before Chaos was born, we gave Pinky her own big kid room. We kept the room a secret and unveiled it on Christmas Day as her big birthday present. We wanted the room to be cute and girly, but not themed. I think we accomplished our goal pretty well!

Pinky's daybed (Tromsnes from Ikea). Above her bed are wooden letters spelling her name (photoshopped out). The bedding is too cute and is the Zoe quilt from JCPenney.

Looking from her bed to her window nook. The table and chairs have gotten plenty of use and were a great steal on clearance for under $20 at WalMart. The curtains are tie up roman shades that look adorable all tied up during the day. Too bad I waited until night fall to take pictures. Oh well.

Closer view of the pictures above the bookshelf. We found these awesome prints at TJMaxx for a steal.

Scanning right, past the window nook. We are blessed with very large rooms in our house so there was plenty of room to add some toys to Pinky's room.

Scanning further right, still standing in the doorway. The sign on the wall reads "The Princess Sleeps Here."

Standing in the window nook looking out. The dresser (Hemnes from Ikea) is a great, sturdy dresser that holds an amazing amount of clothes. Mr. Handy made the shelf above the dresser years ago. It had been stored away forever, and he just put a coat of pink paint on it and it was perfect for the room!

I love this room so much, for so many reasons, but one is that it has 2 closets (well, 3 if you count the cubbyhole that we use for storage). We use one for her clothes and one for additional toys. As she gets older, I'm sure she will need the extra closet for all of her clothes!

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