Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Room Redo con'td - The Playroom

The continuation of my kids' room series.

The Playroom (soon to be Chaos' big boy room):

This room was tricky since it was already a nacho chip color and we really, really didn't want to repaint. We compromised and pained one window area light blue and green and put up a paint by number mural (really, very easy to do).

Looking in from the door to see the infamous ball pit. We've thought of stashing it away quite a few times, but the kids just love it. We hung all of the posters in the room at a level where the kids could see them and touch them. The posters all teach a basic skill - numbers, shapes, colors, and days of the week. We also have a great calendar that the kids can update with the days of the week, the weather, month and season (on the left, above the dress up trunk).

Scanning left, with a better view of the calendar.

Looking left from the door towards the painted window area. The paint by number mural is on the school bus painting on the right. The chalkboard schoolhouse was done with a picture I found online and a borrowed projector.

Left side of the window area showing the chalkboard, drawing desk and toy storage shelf that my talented husband built himself (for very little money - around $40).

The paint by number mural. This was in the early stages. The blue square in the middle was supposed to be where you added a cute school name. We were unoriginal and eventually painted it yellow like the rest of the bus.

The schoolhouse chalkboard. So easy to do with just a computer scanned image and a projector that Mr. Handy borrowed from work.

Looking back towards the door at the second toy shelf (also built by Mr. Handy).

There is one more window nook area in this room that isn't pictured. It's nothing exciting, just a gated off area for our computer and desk. The adults needed a little space in this fun room too.

I know this room is a bit bright and over the top, but honestly kids just love it. Our new playroom will likely be toned down quite a bit from this room since it will be sharing space with a new family room, and honestly, I am a little sad about that. I hope that even with more muted colors and decorations the kids still enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

It sure is a really nice playroom I can't believe that you still have up the ballpit. Love, Grandma Pam

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