Sunday, December 20, 2009

Favorite Toys

For all of those last minute shoppers out there I thought I'd share some of our favorite and most played with toys. I hope this helps some one with their shopping this year.

1. Chicken Socks Books

We have the Short Stuffs book and Pinky loves it. She's gotten very creative making her own versions of the animals.

2. Oball

We bought this for Chaos when he was a baby, and I have since given it as a baby gift to many people. It's so easy for little ones to hold onto, and they really seem to love it.

3. Snap and Style Girls

Pinky got these when she was 2 and still plays with them. Chaos has taken an interest in them as well. The outfits are very easy for little hands to get on and off.

4. Loving Family Dollhouse

We love this dollhouse so much we have two of them. There are lots of accessories to go with it, and it has seen a LOT of playtime in our house

5. Step 2 Play Kitchen

What playroom would be complete without a play kitchen? We love this one. The price is great, it's very sturdy, and has all the kitchen essentials. It's not too big either, which is something we were concerned about.

6. Playskool Busy Gears

This is a toy I never thought would hold the kids' interest, but I was wrong. The music it plays is very catchy, and the kids will play with this for a long time, switching out the gears, stacking them up and playing different songs.

7. Play Doh Silly Friends

This is our favorite way to play with Play Doh. I love that the kids can be creative with it, and that they can do it by themselves. Even my husband and I have fun with this toy.

8. Automoblox

This is just a great toy. It's a wooden car that can be taken apart and mixed and matched with other automblox cars and trucks. It's the fun of puzzles combined with a love of cars. Chaos is getting one of these under the tree this year!

9. Wedgits

These pyramid shaped blocks are so much fun! This is another toy that is finding its way under our tree this Christmas.

10. Cranium Hulabaloo

Hands down our all time favorite game. It keeps the kids active and moving, and teaches colors, shapes and more. I love that the winner of each game is random too. You never know who will be standing on the right spot when the game is over!

11. Busy Ball Popper

I think this is one of those love 'em or hate 'em toys. Personally, I love it and so do my kids. The balls pop and roll everywhere so I recommend your kids be at an age to chase them themselves or you will be doing a lot of fetching! It never fails to make the kids laugh.

12. Learn and Groove Musical Table

This a great grow-with-them toy. When they're babies, you can take the legs off and let the top sit on the ground. Once they start pulling up, this is a great toy to stand next to. Pinky still loves this at 4 years old - the music is just so fun and funky!

13. Toy Firehouse

I love wooden dollhouses. Chaos' grandparents bought this "dollhouse" for him this year. It's great quality, and I think will certainly hedge his jealousy over Pinky's dollhouse.

14. Cranium Cariboo

Another of our favorite games. I like that it grows with your child - you can make it more challenging as they get better with shapes, colors and numbers.

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