Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Gift for Daddy

If your name is Daddy - back out of this post!!!

We took a break from making Christmas ornaments today to work on a handmade gift for my wonderful husband.

Awhile back, Pinky saw a craft kit to make your own garden stepping stones. Ever since then she has been in love with the idea of making them for her Daddy for Christmas. Well, who am I to argue with that kind of enthusiasm (and the price - $10 for a kit to make 4)?

Unfortunately I waited a bit too long to buy it and went in to labor the day after Pinky and I went shopping. Now I've been trying to sneak in a time to do what I assumed would be a pretty messy craft (I was right) with all 3 kids while my husband is home on paternity leave. Very tricky. I figured the easiest way would be to do them with each kid separately. Today, while Chaos and Daddy went to the doctor, Pinky and the little Wild One and I tried our hand at making stepping stones.

Things did not go as planned. First, the kit says it makes 3-4 stones. I had such a hard time getting the consistency right (it was either very runny or very hard) that there is no way we could have stretched the plaster out to make 4 stones. It was a constant battle of more plaster, more water, more plaster, more water...well, you get the idea. Second, when they say the plaster sets in 4-8 minutes - that's being generous. Very generous. We had about two minutes before I had to moisten the top just to get the gemstones pushed in without cracking. It made taking a footprint of a one week old very difficult.

Despite the trouble (and big mess) Pinky was very happy to make these and, if they don't crack while drying, I have to say they look pretty cute. I still need to make one with Chaos and once all the stones are dry the kids can try their hands at painting them if they want. When they're finished I'll be sure to post a picture.

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