Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Shopping Spree

Okay, I have a confession - I LOVE to shop. I mean, really, really love to shop. And as much as I enjoy shopping for both kids, it's so much easier to shop for little girls. I was so excited to start shopping on the "other" side of the store when Chaos was born, but soon found out there aren't nearly as many cute and fun things for little boys (honestly, how many argyle sweater vests and corduroy pants can a little boy wear on holidays?).

Enter our little Wild One. The great thing about already having all the basics is that we can have fun with splurges for her!

Here's what I've bought for her so far:

Felt shoes from seller meekoo on Etsy. How cute are these???

Mei Tei sling (at a great sale price too - I can't wait to add this to my sling collection). From

I am also on the hunt for some hair bows and cute knit hats. A girl can never have too many accessories right?

Oh, and I'm sure I'll buy some diapers or something other practical thing eventually...maybe...

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