Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Room Redo - Chaos's Big Boy Room

First a note of business - due to the busy holiday (and in this house - birthday) season approaching, the Friday Felt Fun Feature will be on a temporary hiatus until after the new year. I will still be posting some felt projects from time to time though. I have a lot of fun Christmas felt projects I'd like to try if I can squeeze them in amongst all the other projects.

Now on to today's post...

I was hoping to be 100% finished before I posted these pictures of Chaos's big boy room, but since finding out Baby #4 (who I have nicknamed Sprout for blog purposes) is a girl, we're rethinking bedroom arrangements yet again (sigh). So, I better show these pictures before it becomes a girly room.

The view as you walk in the door. When Chaos moved into this room he was still in a crib. He has since transitioned to a regular bed so we've taken down this crib. It leaves a lot more room to play!

Looking left from the door you see the first of two closets, his Ikea bunk bed and (my favorite part of all) the magnet boards from Ikea.

His bunk bed. The bedding is from Land of Nod. The rocking chair in the corner was my husband's when he was a child.

The bunk bed does have a ladder of course, but we took it down until he is older. For now, he sleeps on the bottom bunk.

Standing next to his bed and looking to the opposite side of the room.

Another shot of the window nook. he has a small chair and his wooden firehouse/dollhouse (that is awesome, btw) in this corner. You can also sort of see his dresser on the right.

Thanks for looking! Look for Wild One's nursery later this week.

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