Sunday, November 7, 2010

Room Redo - Wild One's Nursery

Next up on the room redo list was Wild One's nursery. Since the furniture was already in the room, we kept the basic layout the same, just changed the paint color and accessories.

Her crib and bookshelf (the white spot is where we have her vinyl name wall decal - it's the same shade as her curtains).

Where we spent a lot of time rocking our little one. My favorite accessory is the wooden rainbow stacker on the wall shelf. We ordered it from etsy and the colors are just SO vibrant.

Her dresser/changing area with shadow boxes above them. I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to finish the shadow boxes. They are such an easy, quick project.

Close up of one of the shadowboxes

Her birth announcement and footprints

This one is my favorite.

All 3 in a row.

Thanks for looking at our rooms! This winter I'll hopefully have some pictures of our finished basement playroom/living room. I'm waiting until we get the centerpiece put in - our big screen tv!

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