Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fingerprint Flower Coasters

Every year I have the kids make a gift for their grandparents. This year we decided to make coasters. These were very quick and inexpensive to make.

First I bought a pack of tumbled stone tiles from Menards ($5 for 9 tiles). Using acrylic paint, I used their thumb to make the center of each flower and a different fingertip for each of the flowers' petals. I painted on the stems and leaves by hand. I hand stamped the 4th coaster with my "Family" stamp, then used a spray sealant to seal the tiles. After letting them dry for a day or two, I glued cork to the back to prevent them from scratching any surfaces.

Here is one of our completed sets (I gifted the other before I had a chance to take a picture). I blurred out their initials in the upper right corner of each tile:

I tied them all up with a big ribbon and added a gift tag!

The cost for 8 coasters (2 sets, with one leftover tile) if you had to buy all of the supplies is under $20!

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Kalleen at Second Street said...

This is a great projects for kids to do. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

I found you through Kalleen's Handmade linky.

I love fingerprint craft ideas. I think these are a great idea!

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