Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Easy Bake Oven!

One of Pinky's birthday presents from her grandparents was an Easy Bake Oven. With the holidays being so busy, we hadn't had a chance to sit down and bake anything until today. It's just as much fun as I remember!

We started with one of the kits my parents had sent along - a sugar/chocolate cookie mix.

The kids were really excited and Pinky and Chaos each made one cookie. The wait time is loooong though. With baking and cooling it took nearly half an hour for just 2 cookies. I think the anticipation made the final product even better - at least for Pinky it did!

Those little snack packs can get expensive, so I did some searching and found that you can use any 3T of cake mix + 1 T of milk to make an easy bake cake. I also found the following blogs full of recipes for the Easy Bake Oven:

Kitchen Crafts n More

Budget 101

And, if like me, you have trouble finding a "standard" light bulb for your oven (we found ours at an Ace Hardware store), check out this post on Mom Times Three.

Happy Easy Baking!

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